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Discover Our Expertise and What We Offer


3D Construction Documentation Services


Jobsite Reality Capture


Digital Twin Platform


As-Built Documentation



BIM Overlay

Objective Evidence.

Capture Any Space

Any location in any condition can be captured and precisely measured in 3D


Capture Methods

The safest method to capture reality


Measure and Verify

Immersive 3D jobsite data and documentation

Time stamped objective evidence of as-built conditions

Data Measurement


3D Digital Twin – Proactive Verification and Validation of As-Builts

Identify and resolve costly mistakes before they happen.

Spatial intelligence enables advanced comparisons between as-designed BIM models and as-built 3D Digital Twins.

Compare BIM and 360° photo captures side by side, or transport and overlay 3D objects from BIM to the 3D Digital Twin.

View the 3D Digital Twin as if the object is in real-world space.


Capture-to-BIM: Simple 3D 360° Picture Capture

Create a new BIM from scratch or update an existing one using a 3D Digital Twin as a real-world template.


No point cloud is needed - just use the built-in schematic drawing tool to easily and accurately trace walls, doors, windows, and more in 3D.


Improve the accuracy of your as-built BIM by importing point cloud data. The software support visualizing and measuring dimensions from the point cloud on top of the 360° photos.


Schedule and Cost Performance

Detailed analysis of schedule, cost, and qualification

(estimate vs. as-designed vs. as-procured vs. as-built)




Change Order Analysis

Delay claims, and General Dispute Resolution


Cost Estimating


Site Inspections and Testing

Economic Loss and Damages

Project Controls

Schedule, Cost, and Qualification Validations – no more percent complete


Analyze (estimate vs. as-designed vs. as-procured vs. as-built)


Inspection, Testing, Commissioning


Root Cause Analysis


Validation of Testing Data


Process Improvements 


Turn-Over Documentation

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